Night over Collinwood. But this night, Barnabas again finds himself back in 1796, pursuing Josette. Reliving the night when Angelique lured Josette to Widows' Hill, and showed her a terrifying vision of what she would become if she ran away with Barnabas Collins. And now, Josette, on the edge of Widows' Hill, hears the footsteps she fears so much.

Episode 886
Series Dark Shadows
Season 1969, Episode 886
Air date November 17th, 1969
Writers Sam Hall
Director Lela Swift
Producers Peter Miner
Starring Jonathan Frid; Grayson Hall; Nancy Barrett; Kathryn Leigh Scott
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Episode 886 is the untitled 88th episode of the daytime Gothic soap opera series Dark Shadows. It was directed by Lela Swift and written by Sam Hall. It was produced by Peter Miner and first aired on ABC on November 17th, 1969. This episode is the final chapter in the "1796 Flashback" and the first part of "The Leviathan Cult" storyline. In this episode, Barnabas Collins tells Josette du Prés that he can bring her to the year 1897 where they can live together in happiness, free of Barnabas' curse. He convinces her to meet him at the Old House, but finds himself lost when he discovers a strange altar in the woods near Collinwood. When Barnabas fails to arrive at the Old House, Josette decides to take her on life by drinking poison.

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  • First appearance of Haza.

Bloopers[edit | edit source]

  • During the same conversation, a production crew member can be heard coughing from off-stage.
  • Barnabas tells Josette that he was in the year 1896. Apparently time travel has scrambled his memories a tad. He was actually living in the year 1897.

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  • Natalie du Prés: You are dead, Barnabas Collins. I saw your lifeless body carried from your room.

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