Collinwood in 1897; and the strange and terrifying events of that year are being gradually unveiled to Barnabas Collins. Tonight, he is confronted with a new and dangerous evil; an evil that appears masked in a cloak of mercy.

Episode 727
Series Dark Shadows
Season 1969, Episode 727
DS 727 004
Airdate April 8th, 1969
Writer Sam Hall
Director Lela Swift
Producer Robert Costello; Dan Curtis
Starring Jonathan Frid; Nancy Barrett; Kathryn Leigh Scott; David Selby; Jerry Lacy
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Episode 727 is the untitled 727th episode of the Gothic daytime soap opera series Dark Shadows. It was directed by Lela Swift, with a script written by Sam Hall. It first aired on Tuesday, April 8th, 1969. This episode is part of the "1897 Flashback" storyline.

Notable cast members in this episode include Jonathan Frid as the vampire Barnabas Collins, Nancy Barrett making her first appearance as Charity Trask, Kathryn Leigh Scott in the role of Rachel Drummond, David Selby as the now human again Quentin Collins and Jerry Lacy as Gregory Trask.

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Gregory Trask is in the drawing room at Collinwood and begins praying. He beseeches the Lord to help him find the "lost lamb" so that he may take him away from Collinwood and bring him salvation - as only he can. Barnabas Collins enters the house just as Trask finishes his prayer. They throw some barbs at one another, and Trask insinuates that Barnabas is somehow connected to the evil that he believes infests this town. Barnabas expresses his reservations about Trask's plans to take Jamison Nora to Worthington Hall.

Quentin Collins comes into the room and also finds himself on the receiving end of Trask's contempt. Gregory tells him that his daughter Charity will be arriving soon and instructs Quentin to bring her to him directly once she arrives. Quentin sarcastically acquiesces to Trask's demands, as if he were but a simple servant. After Trask leaves, Barnabas and he discuss their distrust of the Reverend. Quentin pokes fun at the notion of the two of them agreeing on something.

Charity Trask arrives and behaves like a little snot - especially after she finds the woman she came to Collinwood to collect - Rachel Drummond. She looks down her nose at Rachel and treats her like a servant. She also makes a veiled threat about some unspoken secret shame that Rachel has regarding her history at Worthington Hall.

Rachel then encounters Quentin and is started to see him, but is relieved to see that he is no longer under the pall of some macabre spell. She speaks about someone living in the tower room, and Quentin immediately grows anxious. He races upstairs to confirm Rachel's story.

Charity meets with her father and tells him that Rachel Drummond is working at Collinwood. They are both pleased that another lost lamb will soon be returned to their flock. They get down on their knees and begin praying.

That evening, Barnabas creeps into Charity's room while she's sleeping. He bears his vampire fangs and descends upon her.

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  • Gregory Trask: I beseech your help in finding this troubled lost lamb. The Devil has been with him and looked upon him with favor. The Devil must be vanquished! The lamb must be cleansed! Let you in your infinite wisdom show him the light and guide him through the safe harbor that I can provide for him. I ask not for myself, but for the poor, miserable, misquided youth... so in need of your divine guidance. Amen.



  • Gregory Trask: I will get the boy, Mister Collins... tonight! Tomorrow at the latest, but I will get him. I know that.


  • Gregory Trask: Uhhh... when my daughter arrives, will you see that she is brought directly to me. She's an enormously shy child and quite ill at ease socially.
  • Quentin Collins: Yes, sir. Anything you say... sir.


  • Quentin Collins: If Worthington Hall is as pleasant as its master, Jamison and Nora are in for a joyous winter.


  • Quentin Collins: What kind of power does he have, do you think?
  • Barnabas Collins: None.
  • Quentin Collins: Then how do you explain me? Yesterday, a creature walking the Earth without a heart beat; Today: the same old lovable Quentin as before.



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