On this night, not far away from the Great House at Collinwood, one man will live through the most hideous terror that exists - the terror of madness; for he has witnessed something so monstrous that he may dwell forever in the dark and frightening realm of insanity.

Episode 658
Series Dark Shadows
Season 1969, Episode 658
DS 658 004.jpg
Air date January 1st, 1969
Writers Gordon Russell
Director Henry Kaplan
Producers Robert Costello; Dan Curtis
Starring Joel Crothers; Grayson Hall; Don Briscoe; Vince O'Brien
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Episode 658 of Dark Shadows was directed by Henry Kaplan and written by Gordon Russell. It first aired on ABC on Wednesday, January 1st, 1969. This episode is part of the "The Curse of the Werewolf" storyline. In this episode, Joe Haskell goes completely insane after witnessing his cousin Chris transform into a werewolf. Having failed to take Amy Jennings away from Collinwood, Joe is arrested and held at the Collinsport jail. Sheriff Patterson contacts Doctor Julia Hoffman, but neither of them can make sense of Joe's ramblings. Julia sedates Joe and he suffers an intense nightmare in which he is attacked by Chris Jennings as well as his deceased vampire brother Tom.

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