"Night has settled over Collinwood, and even the harsh shriek of the gulls beyond the cliffs is silenced over the darkening sea. But the seeming serenity of the night is almost a mockery to those who are trapped in an unrelenting curse that respects neither day nor night, and each attempt to escape that curse seens to lead deeper and deeper into the tightening web. Here, just as evil begets evil, what is monstrous among men, begets something even more monstrous still."
Mrs. Johnson
Episode 493
Series Dark Shadows
Season 1968, Episode 493
DS 493 004.jpg
Air date May 15th, 1968
Writers Ron Sproat
Director John Sedwick
Producers Robert Costello
Starring Jonathan Frid; Grayson Hall; John Karlen; Clarice Blackburn; Robert Rodan
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"Episode 493" was directed by John Sedwick and written by Ron Sproat. It first aired on ABC on May 15th, 1968. In this episode, Barnabas and Julia bring Willie to meet Adam for the first time. They leave him to take care of Adam, but as per usual, Willie screws it up and Adam escapes. At Collinwood, Mrs. Johnson is in a fit of hysteria over the dream she had and fears that she might be compelled to tell it to David should she come upon him in the near future. But it's not David that Mrs. Johnson has a harrowing encounter with, but rather, Adam.

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  • Numerous references are made to David Collins throughout this episode, but he does not make an actual appearance.

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  • Barnabas Collins: If I did not know what horrors we commit, even in our dreams, I'd say all malice and evil leave us when we sleep. How gentle he looks at times like this.
  • Barnabas Collins: Brute force incarnate; disguised now as one of Earth's most gentle creatures.

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