At the great house of Collinwood Victoria Winters has returned to the present day from her strange and haunting adventure in the past. But the terrible events she lived through there are beginning to change not only her life, but the fates of those around her. But her own grief is so great she is able to think only of her lost love - a man she met and grew to know - a man who lived and died almost two hundred years ago.

Episode 463
Series Dark Shadows
Season 1968, Episode 463
DS 463 001.jpg
Air date April 3rd, 1968
Writers Sam Hall
Director John Sedwick
Producers Robert Costello
Starring Joan Bennett; Jonathan Frid; Nancy Barrett; Jerry Lacy; Alexandra Moltke
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Episode 463 of Dark Shadows was directed by John Sedwick and written by Sam Hall. It originally aired on ABC on Wednesday, April 3rd, 1968. In this episode, Victoria Winters tries to recall more of her experiences from the year 1795 by taking Elizabeth out to the grave of Peter Bradford at Eagle Hill Cemetery. Later, she purchases a portrait that she brings home to Collinwood, which happens to be a likeness of the witch Angelique. Carolyn Stoddard breaks a date with Tony Peterson to answer a summons from Barnabas Collins. Tony follows her and when he sees Barnabas bearing down on her neck, assumes that Carolyn is having an affair, not realizing that he is actually drinking her blood.

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  • Peter Bradford was sentenced to die by hanging for the murder of Noah Gifford (which was actually committed by Victoria Winters in self defense in episode 455). Peter's execution took place following Victoris' which was suspended due to her unexpected return to the present.

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