"1970 Parallel Time"
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Title: "1970 Parallel Time"
Series: Dark Shadows
Episodes: Episodes 969-1060
Setting: Collinsport, Maine; 1970
Minor characters: Buffie Harrington; Cyrus Longworth; Minnie Duvall; Steve
Previous: "The Leviathan Cult"

"1970 Parallel Time" is the unofficial name given to a storyline from the 1966-1971 daytime gothic soap opera Dark Shadows.

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  • 1970 is the second parallel time story-arc explored in Dark Shadows. The other is the "1841 Parallel Time" reality. It is important to note that these two realities do not expressly take place within the same timeline. No direct connection between the two has ever been established.
  • Quentin Collins and Angelique Stokes both became aware of the mainstream timeline.

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