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"1795 Flashback"
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Title: "1795 Flashback"
Series: Dark Shadows
Season: 1967-1968
Airdates: November 20th, 1967
March 29th, 1968
Chapters: 94
Episodes: 366-460
Setting: Collinsport, Maine
Major characters: Barnabas Collins; Victoria Winters; Joshua Collins; Naomi Collins; Jeremiah Collins; Josette du Prés; Angelique Bouchard; Millicent Collins; Daniel Collins; Nathan Forbes; Ben Stokes
Minor characters: Andre du Prés; Suki Forbes; Noah Gifford
Previous: "The Ghost of Sarah Collins"
Next: "The Dream Curse"

The 1795 Flashback is the colloquial name referred to a storyline featured in the 1960s television series Dark Shadows. The storyline provided comprehensive details on characters and events that had only been hinted at earlier episodes. The story-arc began with episode 366 and culminated with episode 460. Despite its name, the majority of the story actually took place in the year 1796. The plot thread was briefly revisited in 1969. The premise of the story, which began in the year 1967 involved Collinwood governess Victoria Winters who, through a mishap during a séance, found herself transported backwards in time to the year 1795.

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