The final night at Collinwood as we have known it, for Gerard has triumphed. Daphne and the children are dead. Quentin is crazed with grief. The Great House is aflame. Barnabas, as he flees Gerard's ghostly henchman, begs Julia to escape, swearing he will follow her. But when Julia opens the door to the playroom... the room has disappeared and instead she sees the mysterious Steps Through Time. Thinking Barnabas will come, she starts up them, not knowing where she will end.

Episode 1110
Series Dark Shadows
Season 1970, Episode 1110
DS 1110 003.jpg
Air date September 25th, 1970
Writers Sam Hall
Director Lela Swift
Producers Peter Miner
Starring Grayson Hall; Thayer David; Kathy Cody; Christopher Pennock; Virginia Vestoff
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Episode 1110 of Dark Shadows was directed by Lela Swift and written by Sam Hall. It first aired on ABC on Friday, September 25th, 1970. In this episode, Julia Hoffman escapes the destruction of 1970 Collinwood via the Stairway Into Time and finds herself transported back to the year 1840. After overhearing a conversation between an angry crippled member of the household named Gabriel Collins with an elderly Ben Stokes, Julia decides to take her chances and entreats Ben's aid. Later, Gabriel tries to pressure Ben into telling his invalid father, Daniel Collins, that his favorite son, Quentin is dead and that he should change his will, leaving the family fortune to Gabriel.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • None of the production crew members are credited in this episode.
  • This episode begins a storyline which is commonly referred to as the "1840 Flashback".
  • Charles Rush is an extra and is uncredited for his participation in this episode.

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • References are made to both Quentin Collins and his son Tad in this episode. This version of Quentin (not to be confused by his 1897 counterpart) will be introduced in episode 1113. Tad appeared last in episode 1066. He appears next in episode 1147.

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