Collinwood in parallel time. And at last Barnabas Collins has an ally to fight the evil of Angelique; for Julia has come from their own time and has saved his life. And now, masquerading as the Hoffman she was forced to kill, she has discovered the secret that keeps Angelique alive - the body in the hidden room at Stokes' cottage. So she and Barnabas, knowing that they have little time, go to destroy the body and end Angelique's reign of terror on the great estate.

Episode 1039
Series Dark Shadows
Season 1970, Episode 1039
DS 1039 002
Airdate June 18th, 1970
Writer Sam Hall
Director Henry Kaplan
Producer Peter Miner
Starring Jonathan Frid; Grayson Hall; Louis Edmonds; Kathryn Leigh Scott; Thayer David; Lara Parker; Michael Stroka; Donna Wandrey
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Episode 1039 is an untitled episode of the daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. The episode was directed by Henry Kaplan and written by Sam Hall. It was produced by Peter Miner and first aired on ABC on Thursday, June 18th, 1970. This episode is part of the "1970 Parallel Time" storyline. In this episode, Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman find an unconscious young woman inside the secret room in Timothy Stokes' cottage. Julia believes they should kill her to stop Angelique, but Barnabas cannot bring himself to do it. At Collinwood, Roger Collins learns that he has become the executor to Cyrus Longworth's estate. Angelique, posing as Alexis Stokes goes to see Bruno Hess to inquire about the missing journal.

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  • Grayson Hall mis-pronounces the word "housekeeper" in this episode.
  • During Angelique's argument with Bruno Hess, Lara Parker's hair gets in her face. She apparently finds it annoying enough to brush it away even though the scene doesn't appear to call for it.

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  • Julia Hoffman: Are you having any second thoughts, Barnabas?
  • Barnabas Collins: No, of course not. If you knew the hours I have spent trying to find a way to end Angelique.


  • Barnabas Collins: So this is the body that has made Anqelique live. So another innocent must die.




  • Timothy Stokes: That's what I like about the Collinses. They have more manners than sense. They believe in their manners even if nobody else does.

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