The Dark Half
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Title: The Dark Half
Directed by: George A. Romero
Written by: George A. Romero
Produced by: George A. Romero; Declan Baldwin; Christine Romero
Music by: Christopher Young
Cinematography: Tony Pierce-Roberts
Edited by: Pasquale Buba
Distributed by: MGM
Orion Pictures
Released: April 23rd, 1993
Rating: R
Running time: 122 min.
Country: USA
Language: English

The Dark Half is an American feature film of the psycho-thriller genre. It is an adaptation of the 1989 novel The Dark Half by author Stephen King. The movie was written and directed by George A. Romero. It was produced by Orion Pictures and MGM and released theatrically in the United States on April 23rd, 1993. The film stars Timothy Hutton in the dual role of parasitic twins Thad Beaumont and George Stark. Also starring in the movie is Amy Madigan as his wife, Liz Beaumont, and Michael Rooker as Sheriff Alan Pangborn.

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