Daria Nicolodi is an Italian actress and screenwriter born in Florence, Tuscany on June 19th, 1950. Her first professional acting work was playing a nurse in the 1970 film Many Wars Ago. Her first work in the horror genre was playing Gianna Brezzi in Dario Argento's Deep Red. Daria has worked on several Argento films including Suspiria where she had an uncredited role as a woman at an airport. She also co-wrote the script with Argento. That same year she played Dora Baldini in Mario Bava's Beyond the Door II. In 1980, she again starred in a Dario Argento film, the quasi-sequel to Suspiria called Inferno. She played a character named Elise Stallone Van Adler. In 1982, she played a girl named Anne in Tenebre and in 1985 she played Frau Brückner in Phenomena. In 1987, she appeared in Lamberto Bava's horror film Delirium and in then again worked for Dario Argento in Opera. She appeared in Lamberto Bava's School of Fear in 1989 playing a character named Preside. She also appeared in Luigi Cozzi's rock 'n roll horror film Paganini Horror, which she co-wrote along with Cozzi and Raimondo Del Balzo. She was uncredited for her writing contributions to this film. Also in 1989, she co-wrote the script for Demons 6: De Profundis, again with Luigi Cozzi.

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  • Provided audio commentary on the 2007 2-disc Special Edition of Suspiria.

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