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Dana Monohan was a supporting character featured on the ABC television series The Gates. Played by McKaley Miller, she was introduced in the series pilot episode.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dana Monohan was born the second of two children to Nick and Sarah Monohan of Chicago, Illinois. In 2010, following a controversial shooting incident, her father quit his job as a homicide detective and accepted a position as chief of police for The Gates - an isolated, upper-class neighborhood located in the state of Washington. Dana's brother Charlie had no desire to leave Chicago, but she found the prospect of moving to a new home thrilling. She was particularly pleased when she found that the Monohans' lavish new home came with a swimming pool.

Dana Monohan attended Gates Academy, a private school and the only learning center within The Gates. Though she did not share any classes with her brother, she did see him on occasion between classes. ("Pilot")

A perceptive young girl, Dana immediately sensed that tension was brewing between her parents. This was due to a murder investigation that Nick was conducting into the murder of the former police chief David Phelps. Dana brought up the subject during breakfast, violating the family rule of "no cop talk at the table". As punishment, she was sentenced to dishwashing detail for a week.

Dana later met Emily Radcliff, the daughter of Claire and Dylan Radcliff who was several years her junior. Their parents took them out for ice cream. ("What Lies Beneath")

Dana attended the 5th Annual Father/Daughter Dance at The Gates with Nick Monohan. She never realized that the date corresponded to the one-year anniversary of her father's shooting incident in Chicago. ("The Monster Within")

Dana later attended another event, this time a party being hosted by Frank Buckley, officially welcoming Nick Monohan to the community as the new police chief of The Gates. ("Repercussions")

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