"I am the strong right arm of the Cooperative."
Wilhemina Venable[src]
Cooperative, The
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The Cooperative
Aliases: The Cooperative
The Illuminati
Continuity: American Horror Story
Type: Secret society
Status: Active
Members: Michael Langdon; Wilhemina Venable; Miriam Mead; The Fist; Mutt; Jeff
Enemies: Witches

The Cooperative is a fictional secret society featured in the FX Network television series American Horror Story. They appeared in the eighth season of the show, which was identified by the subtitle "Apocalypse".

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The Cooperative is the name given to a mysterious consortium of individuals who pooled their resources in preparation of a global nuclear conflict. They developed multiple fallout shelters across the world, and assigned administrators to oversee them. The Cooperative was financed largely by private donations, and as such, investors could buy their way in to an outpost. In addition to the wealthy elite of the world, those who were deemed genetically compatible to survive in a post-nuclear environment were also selected. The Cooperative established a class system governed by its wardens, which consisted of The Purples, who were the wealthy elite, and The Greys, who were the working class.

The Cooperative is later revealed to be the new name given to The Illuminati.

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  • Administrative members of the Cooperative appear to be named after body parts. Wilhemina Venable referred to herself as the "right arm". One of her enforcers was called "The Fist".

Appearances Edit

  1. American Horror Story: The End (Langdon, Mead, Venable & The Fist)
  2. American Horror Story: The Morning After (Langdon, Mead, Venable & The Fist)
  3. American Horror Story: Forbidden Fruit (Langdon, Mead, Venable & The Fist)
  4. American Horror Story: Could It Be... Satan? (Langdon & Mead only)

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