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Connor is a fictional half-demon and a recurring supporting character and main character featured on the WB Network television series Angel, which is part of the greater "Buffyverse" franchise. The character was first seen in the season three episode, "Lullaby", which is where he was born. Scenes of infant Connor were played by Connor and Jake Tupen. The adult version of Connor was played by Vincent Kartheiser, who began playing the role in episode 3x19, "The Price".

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  1. Sahjhan - Beheaded. (Angel: Origin)

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  1. Father; a vampire with a soul. Alive.
  2. Vampire mother; deceased.
  3. Daughter; a higher being. Deceased.
  4. Mate; mother of Jasmine. Deceased.
  5. Adoptive father, alive.
  6. Adoptive mother, alive.

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