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Collinwood terrace
State: Maine
Town: Collinsport
Locale: Collinwood
Points of interest: Collinwood gazebo

The terrace at Collinwood is a fictional setting used in the daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, which aired on ABC from 1966-1971. It is one of the exterior locations found at the Great House of Collinwood and was an often-used place for characters to maintain dramatic conversations and/or further the show's ongoing plotlines.

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The terrace at Collinwood was located on the ground level towards the anterior of the estate. It was situated directly between the Great House and the gazebo. Carolyn Stoddard would often come out to the terrace for romantic interludes with whomever she was dating at the time. Barnabas Collins would sometimes lay claim to a victim out by the terrace, such as the instance when Carolyn caught him drinking the blood of Victoria Winters. One one occasion, Mrs. Johnson came out to the terrace and found the creature known as Adam drinking water from the fountain. (Dark Shadows: 493)

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