Collinwood drawing room
Aliases: The drawing room
State: Maine
City: Collinsport
Locale: Collinwood
1st appearance: Dark Shadows: 1

The Collinwood drawing room is one of the main settings featured in the 1960s Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. It is located on the first floor of the Great House at Collinwood in the fictional town of Collinsport, Maine.

Description[edit | edit source]

The drawing room at Collinwood was the primary area of congregation in the great house. The residents of the home at any given time could routinely be found relaxing in front of the fire place or reading on the settee. The drawing room was located on the south end of the estate with large windows looking out upon nearby Widows' Hill. Access to the drawing room was through two large doors that led directly from the main foyer. There were three other known egresses from the drawing room into other areas of the house. On the right hand side of the mantle was a secret panel that was used by Gabriel Collins in 1840. Another door on the left side of the mantle led into an office/study area. A third (rarely seen) doorway led into a hall towards a small staircase.

History[edit | edit source]

1840[edit | edit source]

Samantha Drew argued with Daphne Harridge in the drawing room concerning her tutoring Tad. As they spoke, Samantha appeared to have seen the ghostly image of Joanna Mills appear outside the drawing room window. (DS 1165)

1966[edit | edit source]

In 1966, Elizabeth and Roger had an argument over Liz' decision to hire Victoria Winters as a governess to Roger's son, David. Roger was so frustrated with her that he shattered a wine glass in his bare hand. (DS 1)

Elizabeth showed Victoria Winters the portrait of her ancestor Jeremiah Collins above the fireplace, which she erroneously referred to her as her great grandfather. Carolyn, in a foul mood, spitefully referred to him as a "big shot" and rhetorically asked the portrait why he built Collinwood in the first place. (DS 2)

1968[edit | edit source]

Roger argued with Elizabeth here over her decision to construct a private mausoleum for herself. He tried to convince her to renovate the family mausoleum at Eagle Hill Cemetery instead. As he paced about in front of the fireplace, he also began tugging at one of the tapestries. (DS 614)

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

The foreground hallway that Roger Collins always seems to be staring off into was almost never seen because it was positioned at the spot where the camera crews would be stationed during filming. Occasionally, a character would walk towards the camera indicating that an alternative exit did in fact exist.

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