Collinwood caretaker's cottage
Aliases: Matthew Morgan's cottage
Category: Residence
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Maine
Town: Collinsport
Locale: Collinwood
Appearances: Dark Shadows

The Collinwood caretaker's cottage was a minor location featured in the daytime Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, which aired on ABC from 1966 to 1971. The building made sporadic appearances throughout the series and has also been referred to as Matthew Morgan's cottage.

Description & History[edit | edit source]

The cottage itself is part of the greater Collinwood estate, located roughly 100 yards from the Great House. In the year 1897, the Collins family overseer, Dirk Wilkins, resided here. When Dirk went mad following the death of Laura Collins [1], he brought young Jamison Collins over to the cottage. He told Jamison the secret of Barnabas Collins: that he was a vampire and that he kept a coffin in the basement of the Old House. After Jamison left, Barnabas appeared inside the cottage and confronted Dirk. Dirk believed that even if Barnabas killed him, it would mean nothing, for he trusted that Jamison would expose him and he would be destroyed. Barnabas bit Dirk across the throat inside the cottage and then brought him back to the Old House. [2]

During the mid 1960s it was the home of the Collins family caretaker Matthew Morgan. In 1967 it was occupied by Laura Collins during her brief stay in Collinsport. Later, it was occupied by Chris Jennings after he stopped living at the Collinsport Inn.

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