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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil[edit | edit source]

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Chuck is a fictional college student and a supporting character featured in the 2010 horror/comedy film Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. He was played by actor Travis Nelson. The character was created by writer and director Eli Craig. Chuck and several of his friends went camping up in the Appalachian Mountains, where they encountered two hillbillies named Tucker and Dale. Their friend Allison went missing and they later found her in the presence of the hillbillies. They mistakenly believed that Tucker and Dale were psychotic killers that had intended on doing unspeakable things to Allison. As the other members of the group began to coordinate a rescue attempt, Chuck volunteered to get back out onto the highway to fetch the police. He eventually found the town's sheriff, and told him about what was going on. The sheriff brought Chuck back to the area, where they picked up his friends, Jason, Naomi, and Chloe. The sheriff left them in the car to go speak with Tucker and Dale. Unfortunately, he leaned up against a weakened wooden beam, which brought another piece of wood with nails in it crashing down into his skull. The sheriff stumbled out front with the wood and nails still stuck in his face, and the college kids thought that Tucker and Dale had attacked him. Chuck grabbed the sheriff's gun from the squad car and got out and pointed it at Tucker and Dale. Tucker and Dale raised their hands, and Dale warned Chuck that he would need to take the safety off if he wanted to fire the gun. While manipulating the gun, it fired a shot blowing Chuck's face off.

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