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Chris Jennings was a supporting character and a fictional werewolf featured in the 1960s gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. He was introduced in episode 627 and appeared in a total of fifty-seven episodes where he was played by actor Don Briscoe. Stunt man Alex Stevens played Chris Jennings during the scenes where he was a werewolf.

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  • Like many of the actors from Dark Shadows, Don Briscoe played several characters in the series. He also played Chris' twin brother Tom Jennings - a vampire, as well as Chris Collins from the 1970 parallel time storyline. He also played school teacher Tim Shaw in the 1897 Flashback storyline.
  • Don Briscoe's first appearance on the series was playing Tom Jennings in episode 554.
  • Later episodes of the series revealed that Chris Jennings was the great-grandson of Quentin Collins II. [citation needed]

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