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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil[edit | edit source]

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Chloe is a fictional college student and a supporting character featured in the 2010 horror/comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. She was played by actress Chelan Simmons. Chloe was one of eight college students who decided to go camping in the Appalachian Mountains over Memorial Day weekend. The group encountered two hillbillies named Tucker and Dale, and mistakenly believed them to be psychopathic killers. After a series of mistakes, misconceptions, and mishaps, Chloe found herself invading Tucker and Dale's cabin, along with her friend Jason. Jason caught on fire, and Chloe attempted to help by throwing what she believed was water on top of him. This was actually alcohol and it only accelerated the fire, causing Jason to burn to death. The fire reached some gasoline containers, causing the entire cabin to explode. Chloe died in the explosion.

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