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"Children of the Corn"
Night Shift (hardcover)
"Children of the Corn"
Title: "Children of the Corn"
Author: Stephen King
Country: USA
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Published in: Penthouse Magazine
Night Shift
Publication date: March, 1977
February, 1978

Characters Edit

  • Adam Greenlaw
  • Amos Deigan
  • Baby Hortense
  • Burt Robeson
  • David
  • Eve Tobin
  • Grace
  • He Who Walks Behind the Rows
  • Isaac Chroner
  • Isaac Renfrew
  • Job Gilman
  • Malachi Boardman
  • Mary Wells
  • Moses Richardson
  • Norman Staunton
  • Rachel Stigman
  • Rudy Stampnell
  • Ruth Clawson
  • Vicky Robeson
  • Yemen Hollis
  • Zepeniah Kirk

Locations Edit

  • Gatlin
  • Gatlin police station
  • Church

Items Edit

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The story is also referenced in the 1983 book Cults: An Anthology of Secret Societies, Sects and the Supernatural.
  • Children of the Corn is the sixteenth story featured in Night Shift.
  • The acronym INRI represents the Latin inscription which in English reads as "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews".
  • In the film adaptation, Burt Robeson's name is changed to Burton Stanton. Also, Burt survives in the film whereas in the short story he does not.

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