"Snuff this warlock, his days are done, but make him... good for the ecosystem?"
Penny Halliwell
Series Charmed
Season 6, Episode 11
Charmed 6x11 001.jpg
Air date January 11th, 2004
Writers Daniel Cerone
Director James A. Contner
Producers Aaron Spelling; E. Duke Vincent; Brad Kern; Daniel Cerone; James L. Conway; Holly Marie Combs; Peter Chomsky; Curtis Kheel; Jon Paré; Alyssa Milano; David Simkins
Starring Alyssa Milano; Rose McGowan; Holly Marie Combs; Brian Krause; Drew Fuller; Dorian Gregory
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"Prince Charmed"

"Witchstock" is the eleventh episode of season six of the supernaturally-themed television series Charmed. It is the 122nd episode of the series overall. Directed by James A. Contner and written by co-producer Daniel Cerone, it first aired on the WB Network on Sunday, January 11th, 2004. In this episode, Paige Matthews finds a pair of her grandmother's old go-go boots and is transported backwards through time to the year 1969. She finds Penny Halliwell as a peace-loving flower child who is just beginning to learn the ways of magic. Back in the present, Phoebe and Piper must find a way to get Paige back without contaminating the timestream or accidentally wiping their own family line out of existence.

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  • Production code number: 4301122.
  • Though he's been referenced in the series several times, this is the only appearance of Allen Halliwell, grandfather to the Charmed Ones.

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