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Chamberlain is a fictional town featured in the literary works of author Stephen King. It is the principal setting of the 1974 novel Carrie and has been presented in all film adaptations of the story. In most versions of the story, the town of Chamberlain is virtually destroyed following the "Black Prom" event in which teenage telekinetic Carrie White unleashes her rage and power upon the entire town. Lots of sweeping up to do.

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Ewen High School
Ewan High School is a public school for grades 9-12 and the only such learning center in Chamberlain. Carrie White attended school here as a student, along with Sue Snell, Tommy Ross, Billy Nolan, Chris Hargensen, Tina Blake, and Norma Watson.
White residence
The White residence was a modest two-story suburban home in Chamberlain. It was the home of Margaret White and her daughter Carrie, and for a time, Margaret's late husband Ralph. When Margaret discovered she was pregnant with Carrie as a result of marital rape, she attempted to miscarry by flinging herself down the steps of the house. In the original film, a teenage Carrie, driven insane by her mother's abuse, uses her out-of-control telekinesis to kill her mother and quite literally bring the house down.

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  • In the 1976 film, the town of Chamberlain was filmed in parts of Hermosa Beach, California. The white residence was filmed at 124 North 7th Street in Santa Paula. The Ewen High School was filmed at Palisades High School in Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. [1]

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