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Biography[edit | edit source]

Chad Taylor was a former police officer working at The Gates housing community in Washington. He worked under the former police chief, David Phelps. Taylor had discovered that Phelps was actually very corrupt and had been accepting bribes from residents in exchange for destroying incident reports relating to them. When Phelps learned that Chad knew about his actions, he fired him for insubordination. As such, Chad was exiled from The Gates and forced to take up residence in the surrounding county.

A year later, Chief Phelps retired, allegedly moving to Mexico. He was succeeded in his position by a former homicide detective from Chicago named Nick Monohan. Less than a week after moving to The Gates, Monohan discovered that Chief Phelps had recently been murdered. He learned that Chad had been a former employee and, suspecting a motive, visited him at his home to question him. Taylor told Monohan about the chief's underhanded activity. Monohan believed Chad and enlisted his aid in trying to solve the case of Phelps' murder.

As Nick pursued the investigation however, he uncovered evidence linking Chad to an SUV that Phelps had purchased using blackmail money. Monohan and officers Leigh Turner and Marcus Jordan went to Chad's house where they found a handgun matching the caliber used to murder the chief. Nick had Taylor arrested for the murder of David Phelps. [2]

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At some point, Chad Taylor was having an affair with Devon Buckley. Frank Buckley recorded video footage of Devon seducing Chad. [3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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