Mutant dogs

Cerberuses are a fictional breed of mutant animal featured in the Resident Evil multimedia franchise. They first appeared in the original 1996 video game Resident Evil by Capcom as well as the one-shot Resident Evil comic book giveaway by Marvel Comics. They also appeared in the 2002 feature film adaptation of Resident Evil.

Somewhere in the Arklay Mountains outside of Raccoon City, a clan destine entity known as the Umbrella Corporation created a bio-weapon dubbed the T-Virus. The virus escaped, causing severe mutations in several animal test subjects, as well as other humans and animals in the surrounding area. A pack of guard dogs were likewise affected, mutating into monstrously rabid undead creatures called Cerberuses. [1]

In the 2002 film Resident Evil, the scientific research company known as the Hive kept Doberman Pincers as guard dogs in their underground facility. When the deadly T-Virus was released, all those infected died and were reanimated as flesh-eating zombies, including the dogs. A former security agent named Alice encountered the bloody, skinless zombie dogs in the kennels and had to dispatch several of them just to escape. [2]

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