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Castle Rock, Maine
Category: Town
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Maine
County: Castle County

Castle Rock, Maine is a fictional town located in the U.S. state of Maine. It features prominently in the works of famed author Stephen King and has been used as the provincial setting of many of King's novels, novellas and short stories as well as the film and television adaptations thereof. Some of King's more well known works that take place in Castle Rock include The Dead Zone, Cujo, The Dark Half and Needful Things. Castle Rock is the primary setting of the 2018 television series Castle Rock on Hulu.

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Castle Rock is a small, idyllic coastal hamlet in the Eastern region of Castle County. For several decades it has played host to many strange and mysterious occurances, some of which range into the realms of the supernatural. A young coma victim named Johnny Miller awakened with the gift of prophetic vision which he used to aid the police solve murders. A St. Bernard became rabid after being bitten by a rabbit and terrorized a mother and her young son. A writer named Thad Beaumont from the neighboring town of Ludlow suffered a "Jekyll & Hyde" effect and began committing murders. The Devil himself came to Castle Rock in the guise of an antiquities dealers named Leland Gaunt and used his influence to get the townsfolk to turn against one another committing acts of vandalism and even murder.

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Character names marked with the (†) symbol indicate those who resided in Castle Rock, but were not born there.

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  1. Henry Deaver hails from Castle Rock, Castle County from an alternate reality.

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