Castle Rock
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Title: Castle Rock
Format: Live-action
Rating: TV-MA
Running time: 60 min.
country: USA
Network: Hulu
Seasons: 1+
Episodes: 10
Production company: Bad Robot Productions
Warner Bros. Television
Executive producers: Sam Shaw; Dustin Thomason; Michael Uppendahl; Stephen King; Liz Glotzer; Ben Stephenson; Mark Lafferty
Producers: Scott Brown; Tamara Isaac; Tom Spezialy; Robin Sweet
Principal cast: André Holland; Melanie Lynskey; Jane Levy; Ann Cusack; Sissy Spacek
Air dates
First aired: July 25th, 2018

Castle Rock is an American live-action television series of the supernatural thriller genre. It is an original concept that is based on the works of famed horror novelist Stephen King. The show was created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason and produced by J.J. Abrams and his company Bad Robot Productions. The series began streaming on Hulu's instant streaming video service on July 25th, 2018. The first season of the series consisted of ten episodes.

Castle Rock stars André Holland as Henry Deaver, Melanie Lynskey as Molly Strand, Bill Skarsgård as The Kid, Jane Levy as Jackie Torrance, Ann Cusack as Warden Poole, and Sissy Spacek as Ruth Deaver.

The premise of the show centers primarily around the character of Henry Deaver, who is a 39-year-old black man raised by white foster parents in Castle Rock. Having experienced a bizarre incident as a child, he grew up to become a capitol punishment lawyer working out of Texas. Years later, he finds himself returning to his home town when he receives a request to help out a mysterious man-child who has been found caged up in a closed off wing of Shawshank Prison. Henry discovers that his mother, who is now suffering from a mild form of dementia, is in the care of the town's retired sheriff, Alan Pangborn.

Molly Strand - a childhood friend of Henry, is an empath who experiences the emotional states of those around her and has a close psychic connection with Deaver, and undergoes great mental hardship when he returns home.

At Shawshank, the new warden has to deal with the presence of The Kid, whom the previous warden, the now deceased Dale Lacy, had kept secretly locked up for many years. Nobody knows anything about this individual, but according to some of Lacy's notes, The Kid might very well be the Devil himself.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Airdate
1x01 Severance July 25th, 2018
1x02 Habeas Corpus July 25th, 2018
1x03 Local Color July 25th, 2018
1x04 The Box August 1st, 2018
1x05 Harvest August 8th, 2018
1x06 Filter August 15th, 2018
1x07 The Queen August 22nd, 2018
1x08 Past Perfect August 29th, 2018
1x09 Henry Deaver September 5th, 2018
1x10 Romans September 12th, 2018

Season Two[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Airdate
2x01 Let the River Run October 23rd, 2019

Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Castle Rock episodes were first made available on Wednesdays on Hulu.
  • Promotional posters for the show are designed like an old, weathered, and well-read Stephen King novel, which is how all novels should look.
  • The first three episodes of the show premiered on the same day.
  • Actor Bill Skarsgård is also known for playing the role of the demonic clown Pennywise in the 2017 film version of Stephen King's It.
  • Actress Frances Conroy was most recently on the 2017 television adaptation of The Mist - another Stephen King project.

Kingdom Connections[edit | edit source]

One of the conceits of the show is blending different elements from various Stephen King stories including characters, settings, and in some cases - animals.

  • The title of the show is named after the town in which the stories take place. This is Castle Rock, Maine, which first appeared in The Dead Zone in 1979.
  • Shawshank Prison first appeared in the 1982 novella Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, which was adapted into a movie called The Shawshank Redemption in 1994.
  • A newspaper headline speaks about a rabid dog, which is an obvious reference to everyone's favorite psycho St. Bernard, Cujo from the novel Cujo and the 1983 film of the same name. Cujo was set in Castle Rock.
  • The character of Alan Pangborn appeared in both novel and film versions of Needful Things and The Dark Half. In Needful Things, he was played by actor Ed Harris (who also appeared in Stephen King's Creepshow). In The Dark Half he was played by actor Michael Rooker. In the TV series, he is played by Scott Glenn.
  • In one episode, graffiti can be seen on the side of a building which reads "Pennywise Rules". Pennywise is the demonic clown featured in It, which was a novel that was later adapted into a TV miniseries and a feature film.
  • In "The Queen", reference is made to Derry, which is a town in Maine and the central setting for the novel IT and its various adaptations.

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