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Caroline Forbes
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Caroline Forbes
Continuity: The Vampire Diaries
Notability: Main character
Type: Vampire
Gender: Female
Location: Mystic Falls, Virginia
Known relatives: Elizabeth Forbes (mother)
1st appearance: "Pilot"
Actor: Candice Accola

Caroline Forbes is a fictional high school student and one of the main characters from the CW Network television series The Vampire Diaries. She is played by actress Candice Accola.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Caroline Forbes is a student at Mystic Falls High School in Mystic Falls, Virginia and the captain of the cheerleading squad. She is friends with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett. Caroline is the stereotypical party girl, whose attention to popularity and high school social politics is unmatched by anyone else. Despite this however, Caroline is not spiteful or rude, though she can often be construed as flighty and aloof.

Biography[edit | edit source]

In September of 2009, Caroline Forbes was one of the first students to embrace Elena Gilbert, expressing her condolences for losing her parents in a car accident the previous Spring. She tried to keep Elena's spirits up by talking about her favorite subject - boys. Caroline was one of the first to take note of new transfer student Stefan Salvatore and made it a point to learn as much about him as possible as quickly as she could. Though Caroline was clearly enamored with Stefan, he did not reciprocate this affection as he had already set his sights on Elena. Caroline let it go in favor of Stefan's brother, Damon, a darker and more dangerous individual. [1]

Caroline quickly came to realize just how dangerous Damon could be. After inviting him into her home after a football game for a night of passion. Damon was a vampire, and was committed towards leaving his mark on just about every human body he could find. Caroline could count herself as one of the lucky few to actually survive an encounter with Damon, but she did take to wearing a scarf around her neck to conceal her vampire bites. [2]

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