Includes a list of characters, actors and production crew members whose first names are Cara.

Being Human[edit | edit source]

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Cara was a young red-haired nurse employed by the Suffolk County Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She was called in to replace another nurse named Rebecca Flynt, who had gone missing. While looking for the nurse's station, Cara came upon male nurse Aidan Waite and orderly Josh Levinson. She awkwardly overheard Josh complaining to Aidan about who he had not had sex in over two years. Cara later met up with Aidan again when they took note of Rebecca's Missing Persons flyer on a bulletin board. Cara said that she's probably scattered in a dumpster somewhere, but upon seeing how harrowed Aidan looked, immediately felt ashamed and recommended that they should hold a vigil or a clothing drive for her.

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