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Son of Dracula[edit | edit source]

Colonel Caldwell.jpg

Colonel Caldwell was an elderly man born sometime around the year 1874. A retired military officer, he owned and operated a plantation in New Orleans, Louisiana. He had two daughters, Katherine Caldwell and Claire Caldwell. By the early 1940s, the Colonel was quite infirm and was confined to a wheelchair. The house servants wheeled him about from room to room. In 1943, Colonel Caldwell hosted a reception welcoming Katherine's foreign suitor, a man known as Count Alucard. Alucard was actually a vampire and the son of the infamous Count Dracula. Seeking to take control of the Caldwell's plantation at Dark Oaks, he sneaked into the Colonel's bedroom late in the evening after the party and bit him upon the throat, drinking his blood and ultimately killing him. Alucard set fire to the bedroom to make it appear as if the Colonel had fallen asleep while smoking.

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