"Testosterone is a great equalizer. It turns all men into morons."
Rupert Giles
"The Pack"
Series Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Season 1, Episode 6
Buffy Episode 1x06 001.jpg
Air date April 7th, 1997
Writers Matt Kiene
Joe Reinkemeyer
Director Bruce Seth Green
Producers David Solomon; Gareth Davies; Sandy Gallin; Gail Berman; Fran Rubel Kuzui; Kaz Kuzui; David Greenwalt; Joss Whedon
Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar; Nicholas Brendon; Charisma Carpenter; Alyson Hannigan; Anthony Stewart Head
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"The Pack" is the title to the sixth episode from season one of the supernatural action series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was directed by Bruce Seth Green and written by Matt Kiene and Joe Reinkemeyer. It first aired on the WB Network on April 7th, 1997. In this episode, a group of students from Sunnydale High School fall prey to a ritual where they begin taking on the predatory characteristics of hyenas. Even Xander Harris is not immune to this mystical effect and its up to Buffy Summers and the rest of the Scoobies to break the spell and return Xander to normal.

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Note: Listings marked with a (†) symbol indicate cast members who are credited in this episode, but their character does not make an appearance.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Final appearance for principal Bob Flutie. Dies in this episode.
  • This is the first professional acting work for Eion Bailey.
  • Actress Jennifer Sky will go on to play the lead role of Cleopatra on the sci-fi series Cleopatra 2525.
  • This is the first episode of the series that Cordelia Chase does not appear in.

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • At one point Buffy says, "I cannot believe that you, of all people, are trying to Scully me". This is a reference to Dana Scully, one of two main characters on the hit Fox Network television series The X-Files. Scully was known for her skeptical attitude towards all things that cannot be explained through science.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Willow Rosenberg: Why couldn't Xander be possessed by a puppy? Or... or some ducks?


  • Giles: Xander's taken to teasing the less fortunate?
  • Buffy: Uh-huh.
  • Giles: And there's a noticeable change in both clothing and demeanor?
  • Buffy: Yes.
  • Giles: And otherwise all his spare time is spent lounging about with imbeciles?
  • Buffy: It's bad, isn't it?
  • Giles: It's devastating. He's turned into a sixteen-year-old boy. Of course, you'll have to kill him.


  • Xander: Buffy, this isn't just about looking at a bunch of animals. This is about not being in class.
  • Buffy: You know, you're right. Suddenly the animals look shiny and new.

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