Buck Cowan
Buck Cowan 001
Buck Cowan
Continuity: Werewolf by Night
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Location: 2394 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, California
Status: Alive
1st appearance: Marvel Spotlight #4

Buck Cowan is a fictional character featured in the Werewolf by Night family of titles published by Marvel Comics. He was introduced in the fourth issue of Marvels' try-out series Marvel Spotlight which, along with issues #2 and #3, served as a precursor to the regular Werewolf by Night ongoing series.

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Buck Cowan was a journalist researching a legendary mystic text known as the Darkhold. Operating out of the Los Angeles, California area, he came upon an eighteen-year-old man named Jack Russell - the descendant of Baron Gregory Russoff - the last known possessor of the arcane tome. Jack suffered his own problems as a result of the Darkhold in that he had inherited a curse, passed down from his father, whereupon he transformed into a werewolf on the nights of the full moon. Buck and Jack traced the whereabouts of the Darkhold to L.A., which brought them into conflict with the Blackgar family. (MS: 4)

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