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Bruce Cabot
Bruce Cabot
Bruce Cabot
Franchise: Halloween remake series
Notability: Minor character
Type: Reporter
Gender: Male
Location: Haddonfield, Illinois
Status: Alive
1st appearance: Halloween II (2009)
Actor: Adam Boyer

Bruce Cabot is a fictional reporter and a minor character featured in the Halloween film series. He is part of the continuity of the remake series and was played by actor Adam Boyer. He appeared in the 2009 film Halloween II by director Rob Zombie.

Biography Edit

Bruce Cabot was a reporter who attended a press conference focusing on noted psychiatrist Doctor Samuel Loomis who was promoting his second biography on notorious serial killer Michael Myers entitled The Devil Walks Among Us. Like many of the other reporters present, Bruce asked some pointedly uncomfortable questions; questions that did not exactly paint Loomis in a positive light. [1]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • The character of Bruce Cabot was created by writer/director Rob Zombie.
  • Bruce Cabot is a character who is unique to the continuity of the Halloween remake series and does not have a counterpart in the original series.

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  1. Halloween II (2009); Unrated director's cut.

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