Brooke Thompson
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Brooke Thompson
Franchise: American Horror Story
Notability: Main character
Type: Camp counselor
Gender: Female
Location: Los Angeles, California
Known relatives: Unnamed husband
Unnamed kids
Status: Alive
Introduction: "Camp Redwood"
Final: "Final Girl"
Actor: Emma Roberts

Brooke Thompson is a fictional camp counselor and one of the main characters featured in season nine of the FX Network television series American Horror Story, subtitled "1984". She was played by actress Emma Roberts.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Brooke Thompson was a teenager living in Los Angeles, California in the early 1980s. Having met several other youths her age, she agreed to go to Camp Redwood to do summer work as a camp counselor. Before leaving L.A., Brooke survived a harrowing home invasion by Satanic serial killer, Richard Ramirez. [1]

It is revealed that prior to the series, Brooke was engaged to a man named Joseph Cavanaugh who launched into a jealous rage on their wedding day thinking Brooke had sex with his friend, Sam. Joseph promptly shot both Sam and Brooke's father before shooting himself. [2] Sam is revealed to be Montana's brother who blames Brooke for his death. Due to this, she enlists Ramirez to kill Brooke in revenge. [3]

Brooke later spotted Ray Powell outside, having been missing since he left to get help. After a moment where they bond personally while hiding from jingles, Brooke loses her virginity to Ray but is mortified to learn he is a ghost when the pair spot his decapitated head in a fridge. Montana reveals her true motive and attacks Brooke who eventually kills Montana in self-defense just as the children pull up on a bus for summer camp, leaving Brooke as the only surviving counselor. Margaret Booth, seizing the opportunity, stabs herself in the leg to feign being a victim and frames Brooke for the murders.[4]

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  • Brooke is one of two surviving main characters along with Donna Chambers.

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