Brides of Blood
Brides of Blood (1968).jpg
Title: Brides of Blood
Directed by: Gerardo de Leon; Eddie Romero
Written by: Cesar Amigo
Distributed by: Hemisphere Pictures
Released: 1968
Running time: 97 min.
Country: Philippines
Language: English

Brides of Blood is a Filipino horror film of the mutant monster subgenre. It was co-directed by Gerardo de Leon and Eddie Romero with a screenplay written by Cesar Amigo. It was produced by Hemisphere Pictures and released theatrically in the United States. The movie stars Kent Taylor as Doctor Paul Henderson, Beverly Powers as Carla Henderson, John Ashley as Jim Farrell, Eva Darren as Alma, Mario Montenegro as Esteban Powers, Oscar Kesse as Captain Macbee, Bruno Punzalan as Goro and Andres Centenera as Arcadio.

Brides of Blood takes place on a tropical island populated by various mutant monsters, whose deformities are the result of ambient radioactivity. A group of visitors come to the island and msut contend with bizarre creatures, man-eating plants and the occasional virgin sacrifice. Fun!

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  • Alternate titles for the film include Blood Brides, Brides of Death, Orgy of Blood, and Terror on Blood Island.
  • Taglines for the film include, "A brutal orgy of ghastly terror!" and "Sacrificed to the non-human creature".
  • There are several actors in this film whose roles are unknown. These include Ely Ramos, Jr., Pedro Navarro, Carmelita Estrella, Quiel Mendoza, Willie Tomada, Ben Sanchez and Angelita Alba. Presumably, the play monsters on the island.

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