Brandon Rose
Brandon Rose
Brandon Rose
Franchise: The Walking Dead
Notability: Recurring character
Type: Zombie
Gender: Male
Location: Hilltop Colony, Virginia
Associations: Hilltoppers
Known relatives: Morton Rose
Tammy Rose
Status: Deceased
1st appearance: The Walking Dead #131
"Lines We Cross" (TV Series)
Final: The Walking Dead #155
"What It Always Is" (TV Series)
Actor: Blaine Kern III

Brandon Rose is a fictional zombie holocaust survivor and a recurring secondary antagonist featured in The Walking Dead comic book series published by Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment. He was introduced in issue #131 in September, 2014, which is part of the "A New Beginning" storyline. He made twelve appearances in the series in total; 10 appearances as a living character, 1 appearance as a corpse, and 1 appearance as a zombie. Brandon makes his live-action debut in the tenth season episode "Lines We Cross" portrayed by Blaine Kern III. This incarnation of Brandon has no relation to Tammy Rose Sutton but is instead the son of a former Savior who moved to Alexandria following the war and idolizes Negan.

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  • Final fate: Stabbed in the chest by Negan; Reanimated and then shot in the head by Dwight.

Appearances Edit

  1. Walking Dead 131 ("A New Beginning")
  2. Walking Dead 134 ("Whispers Into Screams")
  3. Walking Dead 135
  4. Walking Dead 136
  5. Walking Dead 137
  6. Walking Dead 144 ("Life and Death")
  7. Walking Dead 146 ("No Turning Back")
  8. Walking Dead 147
  9. Walking Dead 152 ("A Call to Arms")
  10. Walking Dead 153 (Stabbed to death by Negan)
  11. Walking Dead 154 (As a corpse only)
  12. Walking Dead 155 (As a zombie; final appearance)

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