Includes a list of characters who are identified only as "boy".

Being Human[edit | edit source]

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This bespectacled youth hailed from Boston, Massachusetts and was born around the year 2002. When he was nine-years-old, he caught sight of something no one his age should be exposed to - a grown naked-ass man skulking about his back yard. This clothing-optional individual was named Josh Levinson. Josh was a werewolf who had only recently awakened naked and bloody in a field. In need of clothing, he began poking through a clothes line in somebody's back yard. The little boy saw Josh snag a dress from the line, but said nothing. It was probably the most bizarre thing that had ever happened to him.

Children of the Corn[edit | edit source]

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There were several unnamed ghost characters identified only as "boy", who hailed from Nebraska. In Children of the Corn: Revelation, one ghost boy was played by actor Jeff Ballard. Another such character was played by actor Brad Mooney.

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