Boston College
Nicknames: None
Category: Learning center
Continent: North America
Country: United States of America
State: Massachusetts
City: Boston
Residents: Emily Arthurs

Boston College is a learning center featured in comic books published by Marvel Comics. It appeared in the 1970s horror series Tomb of Dracula.

Boston College is a city college located in Boston, Massachusetts. One of the professors at Boston College was a young attractive woman named Emily Arthurs. Emily had earned the amorous attention of one of her students, Barry. After class one day, Barry cornered Emily and tried to seduce her. When she rebuffed his advances, Barry became more aggressive and prepared to sexually assault her.

Fortunately for Emily, the vampire known as Dracula interrupted the scene and sent the frightened Barry scurrying along his way. He then turned to Emily and drank deep of her blood. He told her that he would make her a vampire and in a week's time, when Barry returned and again attempted to assault her, she would use her vampiric powers against him. (Tomb of Dracula 59)

Appearances Edit

  1. Tomb of Dracula 59
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