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Bonnie Bennett
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Bonnie Bennett
Continuity: The Vampire Diaries
Type: Witch
Gender: Female
Location: Mystic Falls, Virginia
Known relatives: Sheila Bennett (grandmother)
Emily Bennett (ancestor)
1st appearance: "Pilot"
Actor: Katerina Graham

Bonnie Bennett is one of the main characters featured on the CW Network television series The Vampire Diaries. Played by actress Katerina Graham, she was introduced in the pilot episode of the show.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Bonnie Bennett is a teenage girl from Mystic Falls, Virginia. She is best friends with Elena Gilbert. According to Bonnie's grandmother (affectionately referred to as "Grams"), Bonnie is descended from a line of witches dating back to 17th century Massachusetts. Bonnie herself however, claimed to have psychic powers.

In September of 2009, Bonnie was driving Elena to school when a crow disrupted her field of view, nearly getting the two girls into an accident. Bonnie was particularly worried about Elena's reaction, given that she had lost her parents in a car accident only four months earlier.

Later at a party, Bonnie decided to test out her psychic impressions on Elena. Though she didn't truly believe herself to be psychic, she did in fact pick up trace memories of a fog-enshrouded cemetery. As it was, Elena had been in the cemetery earlier that day, though Bonnie had no way of knowing that. (VD: Pilot)

The following night, Bonnie had a chance encounter with Mystic Falls High's newest student, Stefan Salvatore. When she shook his hand, she felt a grim foreboding sensation course through her body. [1]

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