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Bobby Singer
Supernatural 1x22 006.jpg
Bobby Singer
Continuity: Supernatural
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Known relatives: Karen Singer (wife, deceased)
Died: 2011
Introduction: "Devil's Trap" (Earth version)
"All Along the Watchtower" (Alternate universe version)
Final: "Inside Man" (Earth version)
Actor: Jim Beaver


Early life

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Season Six

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Season Twelve

Before the birth of Lucifer and Kelly Kline's son, Jack, Castiel discovers a portal to an alternate universe where a war between Heaven and Hell has been raging on since the Winchesters were never born to prevent Lucifer from starting the apocalypse. A strange, new demon attacks Castiel before a man shoots it and saves Castiel. Once Castiel transports Sam and Dean to the alternate universe, the man reveals himself to be Bobby. However, he doesn't recognize the two since they never existed in that universe due to John Winchester's death over 40 years ago. Bobby carries a gun called Rufus (a reference to Bobby's friend and hunting partner) that is filled with angel-killing bullets, weaponry that had not yet been discovered in the other universe.

Notes & Trivia

  • Bobby Singer's favorite insult is to call someone an "idjit".
  • In the season six episode, "Frontierland", Bobby Singer makes a reference to the town of Deadwood, South Dakota. Jim Beaver used to play Whitney Ellsworth on the 2004-2006 HBO television series Deadwood.

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