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Bobby Finstock
Teen Wolf 1x01 009
Bobby Finstock
Aliases: Coach Bobby Finstock
Continuity: Teen Wolf
Type: Supporting character
Gender: Male
Location: Beacontown High School; Hamilton University; Beacon Hills High School
Status: Alive
Born: October 30th [1]
1st appearance: Teen Wolf (1985)
Actor: Jay Tarses
Paul Sand
Orny Adams

Bobby Finstock is a fictional character featured in the Teen Wolf franchise. He first appeared in the 1985 Rod Daniel comedy Teen Wolf where he was played by actor Jay Tarses. In the film, Finstock was the basketball coach of Beacontown High School. The character also appeared in the 1987 sequel Teen Wolf Too, this time played by Paul Sand. In the film, the character left his position at Beacontown High to take up the job of coach of the boxing team at Hamilton University. As with the first film, Coach Finstock found himself in the unenviable position of working with a star athlete who just also happened to be a werewolf.

A re-imagined version of Coach Finstock had a recurring role on the MTV television series Teen Wolf, which began airing in 2011. Finstock was played by Orny Adams and was the coach of the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team. Adams' portrayal of Finstock showed him as an aloof and excitedly aggressive personality who showed little compassion for his players beyond their performance value. This version of Coach Finstock was introduced in the series' pilot episode, "Wolf Moon".

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  • Bobby Finstock is the only character name from the original film to be recycled into the Teen Wolf television series.
  • Bobby Finstock's favorite movie is the 1996 sci-fi/action film Independence Day. He uses the speech given by Bill Pullman's character, President Whitmore, to inspire the members of his lacrosse team, despite the fact that the words from the speech don't really apply to them. He gives the same quoted pep talk every year. [2]
  • Bobby Finstock's birthday is on October 30th, which also happens to be Mischief Night. As such, the students in his economic class tend to play pranks on him every year. [3]

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