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Bloody Face is the name attributed to a fictional serial killer featured in the second season of the FX Network television series American Horror Story. Season two of the show was billed under the subtitle American Horror Story: Asylum. Bloody Face was a gruesome psychopath who hunted young women in the early to mid-twenties, skinning their bodies and removing their heads. Physically, the character is depicted wearing a mask of sewn together pieces of flesh, teeth and bits of hair from his victims. There have been five individuals whom the Bloody Face name has been attributed to:

  • Oliver Thredson: The original Bloody Face, who hunted down women in 1964.
  • Johnny Morgan: The modern-day Bloody Face, the son of Oliver Thredson and Lana Winters.
  • Kit Walker: Falsley accused of being Bloody Face and committed to Briarcliff Manor mental hospital.
  • Cooper: A young man from the present era who impersonated Bloody Face.
  • Devon: A young man from the present era who impersonated Bloody Face.

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