Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
Title: Blood from the Mummy's Tomb
Directed by: Seth Holt
Michael Carreras
Written by: Christopher Wicking
Produced by: Howard Brandy
Music by: Tristram Cary
Cinematography: Arthur Grant
Edited by: Peter Weatherley
Distributed by: Hammer Film Productions; American International Pictures
Released: October 14th, 1971 [1]
May 17th, 1972 [2]
Rating: PG
Running time: 94 min.
Country: UK
Language: English
Budget: £200,000 [3]
Previous: The Mummy's Shroud (1967)

Blood from the Mummy's Tomb is a British horror film of the mummy monster subgenre. It was primarily directed by Seth Holt, with Michael Carreras completing the film and was written by Christopher Wicking. The movie was produced by Hammer Film Productions and distributed through American International Pictures in the United States. It premiered in the United Kingdom on October 14th, 1971. It was first released in the United States on May 17th, 1972.

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  • Cushing departed from the project when he learned that his wife had been diagnosed with emphysema. He was replaced on the movie by Andrew Keir.
  • Editor Peter Weatherley is given a G.B.F.E. suffix after his on-screen credit. This stands for the Guild of British Film Editors. [5]
  • Director Seth Holt died of a sudden heart attack at Elstree Studios five weeks into shooting Blood from the Mummy's Tomb. He passed away on February 14th, 1971. Producer Michael Carreras completed direction of the film following Holt's death. He was only 47-years old. Carreras was uncredited in the capacity of director for the film. [6]
  • A body double was used for Valerie Leon in the rear nudity scenes in this picture. [7]

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  • The tagline for this films is, "A severed hand beckons from an open grave!"
  • Mark Edwards plays a character named Tod Browning in this film. The character is named for director Tod Browning, who is best known for directing the 1931 horror classic Dracula.
  • The boarding house featured in this film bears a sign with the name "Neame & Skeggs". This is named for actor/production designer Christopher Neame and Hammer films production supervisor Roy Skeggs.
  • After Seth Holt had died, screenwriter Christopher Wicking felt as if his spirit remained, helping the rest of the crew to complete the picture. [8]

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