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Blade: Trinity
Blade Trinity (2004).jpg
Title: Blade: Trinity
Directed by: David S. Goyer
Written by: David S. Goyer
Produced by: Avi Arad; Cale Boyter; Toby Emmerich; Stan Lee; Peter Frankfurt; David S. Goyer; Lynn Harris; Art Schaefer; Wesley Snipes; Kevin Feige
Music by: Ramin Djawadi
Cinematography: Gabriel Beristain
Edited by: Conrad Smart; Howard E. Smith
Distributed by: New Line Cinema
Marvel Enterprises
Released: December 8th, 2004
Rating: Unrated
Running time: 113 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $65,000,000 [1]
Gross: $52,411,906 (US) [1]
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Blade: Trinity is an American feature film of the action and supernatural horror genres. It is based on characters and concepts featured in comic books published by Marvel Comics, and is the third and final installment in the Blade film series. The movie was written and directed by David S. Goyer and produced by New Line Cinema and Marvel Enterprises. It was released theatrically in the United States on December 8th, 2004.

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Notes & Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The tagline to this film is "He's fought the forces of darkness alone... until now."
  • There are a total of forty-six credited cast member in this film. Eleven are female cast members and thirty-five are male cast members.
  • At its widest release, Blade: Trinity was screened in 2,192 theaters. It had remained in release for a total of fifty-five weeks (389 days). [1]
  • An unrated version of Blade: Trinity was released in Region 1 DVD format by Warner Bros. on May 15th, 2007. The unrated version had a running time of 123 minutes, which is ten minutes longer than the theatrical release. [3]
  • This movie was released on DVD as part of the "Blade Trilogy Collection". This version was also released by Warner Bros. on May 15th, 2007. Total running time on the collection is 363 minutes. [4]
  • This is David S. Goyer's second feature film as a director. He previously directed the 2002 indie drama Zig Zag. Goyer also wrote the scripts for all three installments of the Blade film series.
  • This is the first live-action appearance of the Nightstalkers. Other than Hannibal King, their membership roster is completely different from the characters show in the comics.
  • This is the third and final appearance of Abraham Whistler; dies (for real) in this film.
  • This is the first and only appearance of Abigail Whistler, who is the daughter of Abraham Whistler. This character is unique to the continuity of the Blade film series and does not have a Marvel Comics counterpart.
  • Apparently, going into battle while wearing ear-buds improves one's physical prowess. They certainly don't seem to prohibit Abigail Whistler.
  • Actor Paul Levesque, also known as "Triple H", is best known for his work as a professional wrestler and later, general manager of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Other wrestlers of note who have made the jump from ring performer to actor include Paul Wight, Adam Copeland, John Cena, Dwayne Johnson, Hulk Hogan, Dave Bautista, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, and many others.
  • Director of photography Gabriel Beristain makes a cameo appearance in the film as a one-eyed newspaper vendor.

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