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Blade: The Series is an American television series of the action/horror and superhero fantasy subgenres. It aired on Spike TV from June 28th-September 13th, 2006, totaling 12 episodes. The eponymous protagonist, Blade, is a half-human, half-vampire hybrid who uses his superhuman skills to battle powerful vampire clans to prevent their rise over mankind. The show is based on the character from Marvel Comics and maintains continuity from the Blade movie trilogy.

The series is said to take place after Blade: Trinity, but does not feature Abigail, Drake, or any of the characters from the film series aside from Blade. Blade has a new weapons specialist who replaces Whistler from the film trilogy. Unlike the movies, which had a limited time frame to work with, Blade the series was able to focus more heavily on the vampire world and the inner politics of the various vampire houses. Blade: The Series was Spike TV's first original hour-long drama series.

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