Series Blade: The Series
Season 1, Episode 11
Blade 1x11 001.jpg
Air date September 6th, 2006
Writers Daniel Truly
Director Ken Girotti
Producers Avi Arad; David S. Goyer; Jon Kroll; Jim Rosenthal; David Simkins; Gordon Mark; Lori Huck; Daniel Truly
Starring Kirk "Sticky" Jones; Jill Wagner; Nelson Lee; Jessica Gower; Neil Jackson
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"Monsters" is the eleventh episode of season one of the television program Blade: The Series. It was directed by Ken Girotti with a script written by Daniel Truly. It first aired on Spike TV on Wednesday, September 6th, 2006 at 10:00 pm.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Chase: Should I join the party? You know how much I enjoy helping people meet our Lord.


  • Charlotte: Blade. So good to finally meet you.
  • Blade: Wish I could say the same.
  • Charlotte: Come now. No respect for a long-time foe?
  • Blade: Not even a little.


  • Blade: We only need to find one - where he's gonna massacre the Chthon purebloods.
  • Shen: So you can go and watch?
  • Blade: So I can join the party.


  • Blade: What's that?
  • Shen: Company. It's probably just a homeless guy looking for a place to crash.
  • Blade: That's a gun not a pillow. Let's go wish him good night.


  • Shen: We're really getting close, huh? The big brass ring.
  • Blade: We'll be getting big brass dick if we don't find out where it's going down. Any word on Krista?
  • Shen: Not a peep since she went back to Chthon. You think she's getting hell for being AWOL too long?
  • Blade: At Chthon all you get is hell.

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