Bill Hughes
Medium(s): Comics
Roles: Penciler
Notable works: Creepy Vol 1
1st Horror: Creepy #30

Bill Hughes is a graphic artist who has worked on a few key horror titles. His first work in the genre was illustrating the cover art for Creepy magazine #30, which was cover-dated November, 1969. He also did the cover work for Vampirella #2 by Warren Publishing which was also dated November, 1969. He also did the cover art for issue #10, dated March, 1971. Hughes' work on Vampirella #2 was reproduced for the cover to Vampirella Classic #2 by Harris Comics. Bill Hughes also provided additional pencil work featured in Creepy Archives, Volume 6.

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  • Creepy Archives, Volume 6

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  • Bill Hughes also worked on issues #17-19 of Dark Horse Comics, which contained stories from the Alien and Predator franchises, though Hughes did not work on those particular vignettes.
  • Some of Bill Hughes non-horror credits include the Star Wars: Droids limited series, volume 6 of the Star Wars Omnibus and issue #1 of Star Wars Galaxy magazine.

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