Big Tiny
Walking Dead 3x02 008
Big Tiny
Continuity: The Walking Dead
Notability: Minor character
Type: Prisoner
Gender: Male
Location: West Georgia Correctional Facility
Died: 2012
1st appearance: "Seed"
Final: "Sick"
Actor: Theodus Crane

Big Tiny, real name unknown, is a fictional criminal and convict featured in the AMC survival horror series The Walking Dead. Played by actor Theodus Crane, he first appeared in the premiere episode of season three titled, "Sick". He also appeared in the subsequent episode, "Seed", marking two appearances on the series in total.

Biography Edit

Big Tiny was a large black man who lived in the U.S. state of Georgia during the early years of the zombie apocalypse. A criminal, Big Tiny was incarcerated at the West Georgia Correctional Facility, which likely proved to be a temporary life-saver, as most other guards and prisoners at the facility died during the outbreak. Big Tiny was imprisoned in Cell Block D along with fellow inmates Axel, Tomas, Oscar, and Andrew. [1]

A group of survivors from outside, led by Rick Grimes, barricaded themselves within the prison. The met the inmates and came to a tenuous accord, though Tomas proved to a bit unruly. Rick and the others tried to educate them about the walkers and how best to combat them. They encountered a group that had breached a barricade near Cell Block B and Big Tiny was scratched. The others believed that he had been infected and Big Tiny began to panic. Tomas took to him with a crowbar and beat him to death to prevent him from reanimating. [2]

Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Big Tiny is exclusive to the continuity of The Walking Dead television series. He has no counterpart in the comic book series.
  • Big Tiny's real name is unknown.
  • It is unclear what crime or crimes Big Tiny was incarcerated for. By his own admission, he was in the "wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people who were doing the wrong thing".
  • Final fate: Bashed across the head repeatedly with a crowbar by Tomas.

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