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Beyond Re-Animator
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Title: Beyond Re-Animator
Directed by: Brian Yuzna
Written by: José Manuel Gómez; Miguel Tejada-Flores; Brian Yuzna
Produced by: Carlos Fernández; Julio Fernández; Brian Yuzna
Music by: Xavier Capellas
Cinematography: Andreu Rebés
Edited by: Bernat Vilaplana
Distributed by: Castelao Producciones
Lions Gate Entertainment
Released: April 4th, 2003
Rating: R
Running time: 96 min.
Country: USA
Language: English
Budget: $3,000,000
Previous: Bride of Re-Animator (1989)

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  • Beyond Re-Animator premiered at the Philadelphia International Film Festival on April 4th, 2003.
  • Actor Alex Revan is uncredited for his participation in this film.
  • Actor Louis Williams is uncredited for his participation in this film.

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