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Beth Chavez was a supporting character featured in the 1960s television series Dark Shadows. Played by actress Terry Crawford, she first appeared as a ghost in episode 646 in 1968. The character of Beth Chavez was expanded upon in a story-arc colloquially referred to as the "1897 Flashback". She appeared as a ghost in four episodes of the series and as a living person in fifty-three episodes of the series. The final appearance of the character was in episode 880.

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While conspiring with Barnabas Collins to keep his secret, Beth learned that Jamison Collins had discovered Barnabas' coffin. She confronted Jamison at Collinwood, who insisted that he had to stay up late enough to tell his father. Beth tried to force Jamison to go to bed, but the boy wouldn't have it. Later, when Beth met back up with Barnabas, she found that Barnabas had already learned of the threat and had taken measures to rectify, reminding Beth that it was vital to his mission that he keep good relations with Jamison Collins. He told her that he was going to frame Dirk Wilkins for all of the recent vampire activity taking place in Collinsport. [3]

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  1. Date approximated based upon the relative age of actress Terry Crawford at the time of filming.
  2. This is the canonical year of death for Beth Chavez prior to Barnabas Collins going back in time to the year 1897 and altering the timeline. The revised year of death is unknown.
  3. Dark Shadows: 770

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